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Aisha Amir is a part time digital artist based in Karachi Pakistan.

While graduating high school she began her digital journey.

Creating colorful abstract artwork fused with realism to showcase

her childhood passion.

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"Classical style with an original twist!"

Natalie "Natatat" Hyland is a full-time artist from Santa Monica, California. Natatat particularly focuses on Halloween themes with a classic touch inspired by rubber hose animation style. 

Natatat creates late into the night when the world slows down and all is quiet. During late hours, her thoughts knock like a "rat-a-tat" at the door to her imagination. Natatat opens the door and welcomes unlimited possibilities of what can be seen through her art. 

Natatat works out of her art studio in Los Angeles, California. She enjoys life with her husband and 3 dogs Zoey, Niko, and Bodhi.

You can check out Natatat's website here.

Nicole Arata, artist from the bay area

Nicole is a Palestinian Bay Area native who grew up enthralled with characters and story telling through art.

She paints women in surrealist, nature-infused scenes highlighting their inner power in fantastical ways.

She thrives on cool weather, whiskey gingers, and too much sleep for average humans.

Stroke of the Wild is in reference to her signature expressive brush strokes, as well as her favorite subjects: women and wildlife.

You can check out Nicole's website here.


Marina is an illustrator specializing in children's illustrations. In childhood, she loved to draw and read books with pictures, and now she creates them, as if she is immersed in the world of magic and kindness. Marina lives in Russia, from the city of Taganrog. She loves her job as well as her family. She lives in a house outside of the city, near the sea, with her husband, three children, a dog and two cats.

You can check out Marina's website here.


As we continue to grow our list of featured artist, we would like to extend the opportunity

to other artists to join us as well. If you would like to be considered for your art to be featured in an upcoming puzzle, feel free to email with your portfolio, or social media handles. We will review your submissions and will get back to you if we feel you are a good fit with the Enwood Games brand. Thank you!

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