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Unique Wholesale Jigsaw Puzzles

At Enwood Games, we will fulfill your orders for unique wholesale jigsaw puzzles with ease! Enwood Games is a small store based in New Jersey that is comprised of a team of hardworking individuals who are dedicated to fulfilling your orders.  

As jigsaw puzzle wholesale suppliers, we understand that wholesale inquiries are no small request, which is why we’ve partnered with third-party organizations like Tundra, Hello Abound, and Faire to provide you with generous discounts for when you’re ready to order our unique wholesale jigsaw puzzles. 

We are thrilled that you’re interested in partnering with us to sell our creative puzzles at your establishment. Get in touch with us today for more information!

Order Through Enwood Games

We would love to work with you! Our dream is to be in shops, large and small, around the world! If you are interested in carrying any of our products please do not hesitate to reach out to


When you register using this link you will get 15% off every Tundra order for the first 30 days! (New Tundra Retailers only)


Use the widget above or visit !

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